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Mini Well SIFI winner at “A’ Design” Award

Mini Well (SIFI Medtech R&D), the innovative intraocular lens for presbyopia correction, wins “Bronze A’ Design Award” in the category of “Scientific Instruments, Medical Devices and Research Equipment”.
The A’ Design Award is an international competition which presents to the international public the best designs and well designed products from all design fields.Bronze A design award
“A” in the name of this award, as explained by the organizers, stands for the symbol of being “first” and this is the case of SIFI’s Mini Well.
Mini Well is the first innovative IOL (Intraocular Lens), that corrects presbyopia through refractive cataract surgery minimizing the disorders typically associated with current multifocal IOLs.
Mini Well is the first IOL whose design matches the physiopathology of the presbyopic eye and selectively exploits wavefront aberrations to correct vision at all distances.
Mini Well design was the first surgical device inspired by some recent discoveries in optical science for which aberrations can improve progressive vision performance not compromising modern lifestyle of middle-aged people. Mini Well design in fact has been developed to benefit presbyopic patients with comfort and wellness of vision since it improves quality of life of implanted patients and promote their social integration.
Mini Well design is the first that has turned the concept of aberrations from negative to positive with the medical purpose of providing a natural wellness of vision as well as an accommodating natural crystalline lens.
Thanks to its technical characteristics Mini Well may reduce or even eliminate patients’ dependence on spectacles for near or far vision. These benefits come along with the proven safety and stability of SIFI pre-loaded IOLs.
The A’ Design Award to Mini Well will be officially awarded at the “Gala-Night and Exhibition” at Villa Olmo, Como (Italy) on June 8th, 2016
The winning designs will also be exhibited in Italy through the temporary MOOD: Museum of Outstanding Design. The exhibition location changes each year and this year will be held at Ex Chiesa di San Francesco, Como, (Italy), 9th -28th June 2016.

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