NETILMICINA Abstract Collection – list

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STUDI CLINICI ‚Äď Focus Pediatria
20) Bollettino di Oculistica 1996; ANNO 75 – N. 1:3-6
Netilmicina: efficacia nella dacriocistitee nella congiuntivite batterica del bambino
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24) ?zmir Dr. Behçet Uz Çocuk Hastanesi Dergisi 4.3 (2014): 182-185.
Comparing azithromycin (1.5%) with netilmicin (0.3%) eye drops in pediatric population with bacterial conjunctivitis
Zeng?n M O, Zeng?n N, √á?nar E, K√ľ√ßkerd√∂nmez C







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