TFOS and the progress of scientific knowledge about ocular surface disease

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In this interview Prof. David A Sullivan goes through the important steps that have marked in these last decades the progress of the scientific knowledge concerning the ocular surface and the diseases that can affect it.
As Prof Sullivan has also had a major role in the constitution and activity of TFOS (Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society) he is surely the most qualified person to explain the contribution that this organization provided to the above progress.

Since the past decades TFOS has played an important role in promoting the progress of vision research concerning the Ocular Surface. Could you please describe for our readers its mission and recent activities?
A significant, international research effort is being directed towards understanding the composition and regulation of the preocular tear film.
This effort is motivated by the recognition that the tear film plays a critical role in maintaining corneal and conjunctival integrity, protecting against microbial challenge and preserving visual acuity. In addition, research is stimulated by the knowledge that tear film deficiency, which occurs in countless individuals throughout the world, may lead to ocular surface desiccation, corneal ulceration, an increased incidence of infectious disease, and potentially pronounced visual disability.

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sabato, 6 Dicembre 2014
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